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2015 Annual Training Conference
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September 30 - October 2

Session materials will not be provided in sessions.  They will be posted to this page along with other miscellaneous conference materials.  Please check back the week before conference for final materials.

The 2015 conference is approved for 12 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit hours. Sessions with an asterisk (*) are approved for CLE hours.

2016 Executive Board Candidate Bios:

2016 Executive Board Candidate Bios



Wednesday September 30, 2015

9:00 AM Registration Opens 

10:00 AM Break Out Sessions

Basics of CHARTSSandra WilerHigh level overview and basic introduction of the many facets of CHARTS including but not limited to Business Areas, Business Events, Interfaces, Help, Ticklers, Tips and Resources.

The Basics of CHARTS Session Materials

Events and Document Paths in CHARTS Session Handout

Active Shooter & De-escalation, Sgt. Jim Duering and Officer Wade Bentley:  This presentation will provide attendees with information about what to do if you are involved in a shooter situation.

Response to An Active Shooter Session Materials

Team Building and Organizational Life, Richard Mettler

This session provides practical guidance in organizing a team of people around work products, work processes, and relationships.

Organizational Life Session Material

Team Building Session Material

*Legal Aid, Shawn Farritor, Legal Aid Attorney:   This presentation explains how Legal Aid fits in the arena of Child Support and how you can contribute to make it more successful.  (CLE's 1.5 hours)

Legal Aid Session Material

11:30 AM  Lunch Break

12:30 PM Opening Plenary

Welcome: Steve Havelka, NCSEA President;

Vicki Turetsky, Commissioner of OCSE; Mike Foley, Lt. Governor

Four Decades. For Families. For Children_Vicki Turetsky_Presentation

2:00 PM Refreshment Break
2:15 PM Break Out Sessions

Basics of CSE, Deb Steidley and Lois Little:  High level introduction to CSE structure, functions and terminology.  This includes information on the various staffing roles within Nebraska CSE.

CSE Overview Session Materials

E-Filing Process, Janet Combs, Sandi Lorenzen, Kayla Bailey, Coni McCune and Amy Brandl:  Attendees will get an overview of the E-Filing process, how it works, and why it's beneficial to CSE and court staff.  Time will be allowed for questions.

E-Filing Process Session Materials

Performance Incentive Worklist, Dawnita Beirow, Peggy Walters & Sonya Laue:  Attendees will learn how workers can use the Performance Incentive Worklist in their office to manage their caseload.

Performance Incentive Worklist Session Materials

*The Hague Convention Update, Bill MacKenzie, State Child Support RefereeUpdate on the progress the US has made toward ratifying the Hague Convention on the International Recovery of Child Support and how it will impact CSE.  (CLE's 1.5 hours)

Hague Convention Report Session Material

Hague Convention Session Materials

Below is a link to Nebraska's UIFSA 2008 Legislation, LB415


3:45 PM  Refreshment Break
4:00 PM Break Out Sessions

CHARTS Release Training,  Lois Little and Misty Sinsel:  An overview of the CHARTS September, 2015 Release.  This session will be high-level to allow for time allotted.  This session will be repeated Friday morning.

September Release Notes Session Materials

IG Limited Service and How an IG Case is Processed, Betty Rubin and Mary Becker: An interactive session on the Intergovernmental Limited Service Request and how an IG case is processed.

UIFSA Forms Matrix Session Material

Incoming and Outgoing Registration Session Material

Transmittal 3 Session Material

N-FOCUSSandra Wiler:  Participants will learn how to find information in NFOCUS and read the screens including but not limited to Narratives, Sanctions, Eligibility Summary, Parental Rights, Scanned Documents.

NFOCUS for CSE Staff Session Materials

NFOCUS Approved Acronyms and Terms List Session Materials

*Attorney Round Table, :   Rebecca Miller, County/Authorized Attorney; Steve Kraviec, County/Authorized Attorney; and Shawn Farritor, Legal Aid Attorney:  An attorney discussion of child support best practices.  Audience participation is expected.  (CLE's 1.5 hours)

6:00 PM Pre-Buffet Reception


7:00 PM Fun Night Buffet

  Traditional buffet featuring roast beef, fried shrimp
& vegetable lasagna

Fun Night Entertainment

(Family Feud)

Thursday October 1, 2015

8:00 AM Registration Opens
8:30 AM Break Out Sessions

SDU Overview, Troy Reiners, SDU Program Director:  An overview of how the State Disbursement Unit works from beginning to end.

SDU Presentation Session Materials

Caseload Management: Dee Price Sanders and Heidi Hastings:  This interactive session will offer tips to assist you in effectively managing your caseload.  Plan to share your best practices with each other!

Caseload Management Session Material

Federal Updates, Ike Anyanike, OCSE Representative:   Annual update of changes and discussions occurring at the Federal level.

*Hot Topics for CSE Attorneys/Right Sizing Orders, Michael Tatten, Legal Director; Jessica Rasmussen, County/Authorized Attorney and Ted Arndt, County/Authorized Attorney:  A round table discussion on modification best practices and contempt's.  (CLE's 1.5 hours)

Employer Contempt Documents Session Material

Transcript of Judgment Session Material

Making CS Orders Realistic and Enforceable Session Material

SSA Modification Paperwork Session Material

SSI Modification Paperwork Session Material

10:00 AM Refreshment Break
10:15 AM Break Out Sessions

Interpersonal Conflict Resolution, Richard Mettler:  Learn about mediation for mutual gain now and also improved relationships in the future.

Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Session Materials

Iowa and Nebraska, Betty Rubin, Denise Drake, Karen Havlicek and Melinda Denney:  Learn how Nebraska and Iowa are working together to achieve success.

Iowa and Nebraska Collaboration Session Materials

Worker Roundtable, Dawnita Beirow, Molly Crawford and Leroy Sheldon:  An interactive session where attendees can share examples of challenges they are facing and get input from other CSE professionals on how to tackle those challenges.

*Hot Topics for CSE Attorneys/Out-of-Court Resolution, Michael Tatten, Legal Director; Jessica Rasmussen, County/Authorized Attorney; and Ted Arndt, County/Authorized Attorney:  A round table discussion on best practices for resolving legal issues outside the court room.  (CLE's 1.5 hours)

Inmate Modification Session Materials

Garnishment Process 101 Session Materials

12:00 PM Annual Luncheon/Business Meeting

Byron Van Patten, IV-D Director 

Menu: Deli Sandwiches, soup and salad

1:30PM Break Out Sessions

CHARTS Finance, Cindy Wiesen & Jerry Vanderbeek:   Overview of CHARTS financial processing and where you can find the information you need.

CHARTS Finance Session Material

Conflict Resolution, Cindy Tierney, Jane Martin-Hoffman:  Learn about conflict resolution and how it can be used in child support cases.

Understanding Conflict and it's Relationship to Parenting Plans Session Materials

License Suspension, Kristal MillsteadThis presentation will be a new worker's overview of license suspension and how it works from start to finish.

License Suspension PowerPoint Session Materials

Little Bits Of Information Session Materials

Additional License Suspension Handouts

*Case Law Update, Bill MacKenzie:   Learn about recent case law rulings and the anticipated impact to Family Law. (CLE's 1.5 hours)

Case Law Update Session Materials

Child Support Guidelines Update Session Materials

3:15 PM Refreshment Break
3:30 PM Breakout Sessions

*Tribal Panel Plenary, Honorable Judge Runge, Assistant Attorney General Joseph Morsette, Roberta Coons, Ruth Hara, Gary Little Walker, and Rhonda Oestreich:  Learn how Tribes handle child support cases, court proceedings, and what we can do to help each other.  (CLE's 1.5 hours)

Similarities and Differences in State and Tribal Casework (Ruth Hara)

Tribal Sovereignty (Joseph Morsette)

Tribal Sovereignty(2) (Joseph Morsette)

6:30 - 10:00 PM Hospitality Suite will be Open

Friday October 2, 2015

8:00 AM Registration Opens
8:30 AM Break Out Sessions

Social Media, Dee Price Sanders Learn how to incorporate social media into your agency's business plan while balancing the legal and ethical concerns.

Social Media Session Materials

File Management, Lisa McNeece:  Learn how to manage files and folders to be used effectively.

Microsoft File Management

CHARTS Release Training,  Lois Little and Misty Sinsel:  An overview of the CHARTS September, 2015 Release.  This session will be high-level to allow for time allotted.  This session is a repeat of the Wednesday session.

September Release Notes Session Materials

*Bio vs. Legal Father (Fremont Pilot Project), Michael Tatten, Ted Arndt and Janet Reigle:  Learn about the current pilot project to develop policy and procedures when dealing with multiple father families.  (CLE's 1.5 hours)

10:00 AM Refreshment & Check Out Break
10:30 AM Closing Plenary

Keynote Address:  "TeamMates", Tom Osborne:  Tom Osborne will share the TeamMates Mentoring Programs mission and how we can positively impact the world by inspiring youth to reach their full potential through mentoring.

Closing Remarks:  Steve Havelka, NCSEA President

Announcement of 2016 Board Elections and Raffle Drawings

Post-Conference Board Meeting

Clean Up