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NCSEA cannot answer any questions specific to someone's court order or child support enforcement case.  If you have questions relating to a specific order or case, please contact the Nebraska Child Support Enforcement Customer Service Call Center at 1-877-631-9973.

Do you have comments or questions about our organization? Please get in touch!  You can click on the link below to send us an e-mail or the address below to send us a letter.

NCSEA Webmaster

PO Box 80033
Lincoln, NE  68501

2015 Executive Board
President:  Stephen Havelka
Vice President:  Bill Patterson
Secretary:  Jann Davidson
Treasurer:  Misty Sinsel
Librarian / Historian:  Molly Crawford
Past President:  Ruth Wilke
2015 Board of Directors
Promotional Chair:  Sue Ann Finke
Fund Raising Chair:  Dee-Dee Staack/Karen Baker
Outreach Chair:  Sandra Wiler
Publicity Chair:  Georgia Fear/Rick Waltemath
Steward Chair:  Dan Redler
Conference Chair:  Lisa McNeece/Kelsey Snow
Region I Representative:  Betty Rubin
Region II Representative:  Kelli Gerig/Valerie Knaub
Region III Representative:  Diane Miller
Region IV Representative:  Tiffanie Bullock
Region V Representative:  Rosana Stearns and Megan Hampton
Region VI Representative:  Davina Jurado
Region VII Representative:  Barbie Ziemba